Hair care set Habiba-Argan-Avocado-Fpr damaged hair


To repair damaged hair, trust the Habiba products.

For weakened, brittle and stressed hair by aggressive treatments (perms, straightening, brushing etc) …. This range of products offers you a protein treatment with phytokeratin, enhanced by argan and avocado.

This set contains:

  • A 65 gr solid shampoo with argan and avocado oils
  • A 70 gr conditioner to replenish your hair
  • A 215 gr hair mask with phytokeratin and fenugreek
  • A nourishing and moisturizing 200 gr hair milk
  • A hair butter of 50 gr with avocado butter to seal in the hydration of your hair

All the products in this set contain argan and avocado


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