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Like personalized care, this formula also offers an assessment of your needs via a one-hour video conference following an appointment. We will then send you a document summarizing your problem (whether hair or dermatological) and proposing a solution. You can then apply this solution by purchasing products that we offer on our online store on which we will apply a 10% discount, or else, we can make you custom products.

This formula also offers you a follow-up over 4 weeks. In order to help you establish a hair care or face care routine, we suggest that you meet by videoconference, once a week for 4 meetings of 30 minutes during which we will evaluate the improvements made by your new treatments in addition to guide and advise you on application techniques.

With the calendar located in the following tab, make your first appointment, complete the payment procedure and it will be our pleasure to meet you in order to offer you quality service.

Hope to meet you soon.

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