Meet Dr Haidara

A biochemist by training and holder of a Doctorate in Pharmacology, Dr Haidara is a passionate and inspired woman, for whom Health and Well-being are priorities. With a degree in Management, it was in March 2017 that Dr Haidara opened his online store: Les Cosmétiques Djam.
The term “Djam” is a Toucouleur (Pullar) word, a language spoken throughout West Africa which encompasses notions of health, peace and serenity.
Through Djam, Dr Haidara has been able to exploit his academic skills and his creativity by using natural and organic ingredients, in order to generate quality products, respectful of the nature of your skin and your hair.
DJAM wishes you health, peace and serenity

Our mission

Djam cosmetics were born out of a pharmacologist’s passion for cosmetics. Putting health at the top of her priorities, Djam’s mission is to generate quality cosmetics, handmade with natural and organic ingredients and above all respectful of the nature of your skin and hair.

Strategy and ingredients

A drug contains a particular molecule called an active ingredient and which has the particularity of interacting with certain molecules in the body that are called targets. These can be receptors, enzymes, or proteins. This active principle has totally or in part a structural configuration similar to the natural substrates or ligans of said targets. Historically, these active ingredients are mostly extracted from plants. Today, chemists in pharmacology face the challenge of providing molecules with a structure similar to those found in the natural environment. Similarly, Djam offers products whose composition is very similar to certain compounds involved in the protection and / or the structure of our integuments (skin and hair). The choice of our oils (always vegetable and organic), our assets and all other ingredients is always based on this strategy in order to generate high quality products.

Our social commitment

In addition to not testing its products on animals, Djam offers products that do not contain any derivative of animal products with the exception of honey.
Djam uses natural products from organic farming for your health and, as fair as possible, for the economic health of our societies.
Being eco-responsible, “ zero waste ” is one of our objectives. We have taken the first step towards this goal by producing certain solid cosmetics including shampoos and hair conditioners. Our bags and boxes are recyclable. the desired purpose being to provide quality products with recyclable and / or biodegradable packaging

Djam wishes you health, peace and serenity

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