Bath bomb Be mine


Such a pretty bath bomb. Gourmet as you wish. It sparkles, foams and smells so good of sage and monoi.


For a perfect moment of relaxation, we offer you a pretty bath bomb. It dissolves in water releasing foamy pink, blue, slightly sparkling swirls. All enhanced by a sweet floral scentYou can relax in your bath while enjoying the benefits of the bissap oil contained in this bath bomb.

How to use

Drop the bath bomb into your bath water. You will be able to observe how the bomb fizzes and releases its perfumes and oils.

Enjoy your bath!




Sodium Bicarbonate. Citric Acid. Sodium cocoyl isethianate. Kaolin. Aqua. Hibiscus Sabdariffa oil. Prunus dulcisoil, Hydrogenated soy oil , Tocopherol. Fragrance. Micas.  Polylactic acid, shellac, CI 19140:1, Aluminum (paillettes biodégradables)

Product details

(gr) (oz)
100 3.5


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