Massage candle Be mine


Perfumed atmosphere and massage.
For a perfect Valentine.
Try it it’s a must.

An original massage candle, which combines relaxation and hydration of the skin. Based on coconut and soy wax (approved in cosmetics), this wax enhanced with cocoa butter and bissap oil (hibiscus) makes a wonderful massage oil that smells like flowers.


How to use

Light the candle, let it burn until you get a puddle of melted wax. Use this melted wax for a massage after making sure it is lukewarm.

Never leave the burning candle unattended.



Hydrogenated Cocos Nucifera. Hydrogenated Soybean oil.
Theobroma Cacao seed butter. Butyorspermum parkii seed
butter. Hibiscus sabdariffa oil. Fragance.

Product details

(gr) (oz)
15o 5.3


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